I see bullies who pretend that needing to be taken care of is cool.

belittlegirl interrupted angelina

“Or maybe the happy ending is this, knowing after all the unreturned phone calls, broken-hearts, through the blunders and misread signals, through all the pain and embarrassment you never gave up hope.” -Abby Kohn & Marc Silverstein

“You’ve never extended yourselves. You’ve never put yourself out, in your lives. You’ve never loved anyone. You’re empty. You’re nothing.” -Jane Campion

“Don’t let your mouth get you into something your ass can’t handle.” -Bryan Goluboff

“It’s not a survivor like Cabernet, which can just grow anywhere and uh, thrive even when it’s neglected.” – Alexander Payne


“Happiness only real when shared.” – Christopher McCandless

“There are some fish that cannot be caught. It’s not that they’re faster or stronger than other fish. They’re just touched by something extra.” – John August

“I spent too long either wishing I could dance in a way that always looked cool or wishing I was cool enough to not care about what other people thought. Mainly I didn’t dance.” – Lynda Barry